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It’s finally happened, the idea I had about a year ago has actually become reality. I first started practising HEMA in 2015 with School of the Sword in Reading and […]

The Loneliest Swordsman: Part 1

I have no friends, and I must fence Some traditions of HEMA, as I mentioned in my last article, come with inbuilt solo drills. Others do not. This article is […]

Diary of a solo practitioner – 4

-In which the Author discusses some challenges and solutions with raising your own game “Instructor, coach thyself” is something that I come up against constantly. As an instructor working on […]

Community Corner

Hello Regular readers of Afterblow will know me from my ‘Diaries of a Solo Practioner’ series. I’ve had some thoughts bubbling around competitive HEMA, how to encourage participation and how […]

Dragos interviu – partea a doua

Bine ai venit Dragoș, acum este timpul să vorbim despre marele eveniment. Să începem cu începutul: Când va avea loc, unde și cât va dura? Nunele evenimentului este “Fior di […]

Dragos Interview, Part Two

Welcome back Dragos, now it’s time to talk about your big event, let’s start with some of the basics. When is it, how long is it? And where is it? […]

The Lone Swordsman

Solo Training – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly You want to be a swordfighter. You show up to all the classes. You want to be a swordfighter so much […]