Diary of a solo practitioner – 3

– In which the author follows on from the last article and discusses forming a good training habit So last time I discussed barriers to training, things that prevent us […]

Interview with Federico Dall’Olio – Part Two

Part two of our interview with Federico Dall’Olio Part One Here Any especially good/bad/meaningful memory from Swordfish 2016 that you would like to share? A bad moment at Swordfish was […]

Intervista con Federico Dall’Olio – Seconda parte

PERTE DUE prima parte Hai un ricordo particolarmente bello/brutto/significativo di Swordfish 2016 da condividere? Un brutto momento è stato quando, nel primo incontro dopo i gironi, durante uno scambio, mi […]

Intervista con Federico Dall’Olio – Prima parte

“L’ho sognato, mi sono allenato per questo e ora lo vivo.” Queste sono le parole dello spadaccino Italiano Federico Dall’Olio, di Parma, nell’intervista rilasciata subito dopo la sua vittoria nella […]

Helsinki Open: Rapier and Dagger Final.

Initially there was not going to be any rapier and dagger at the Helsinki Open this year but a short time after booking opened this changed and it’s giving us […]

Time to hit the gym

OK maybe not right now as most gyms are full of people starting their new year training plan, that will absolutely stick unlike all the other years. (I can’t really […]