World HEMA Ranking by Fighter, club and country

With the beta of the HEMA Ratings being released today it has given us a chance to do a bit of analysis. We will be doing full reviews later but for now we are going to use them to power 2 top ten lists.

First up is the top 10 fighters, across all weapons. This looks at the top 25 fighters in each list and then cartier bracelets we pick celebrities wearing love cartier bracelet
the top 10 fighters in the world.

1 – Kristofer Stanson
2 – Axel Pettersson
3 – Ties Kool
4 – Dennis Ljungqvist
5 – Andrey Muzurin
6 – Kirill Danilov
7 – Piermarco Terminiello
8 – Victor Harder Hesel
9 – Evgeniy bracelets Volodkov
10 – Sergey Volkov

Using a similar process we’ve also ranked the countries

1 – Sweden
2 – USA
3 – Russia
4 – Finland
5 – Canada
6 – United Kingdom
7 – Italy
8 – Netherlands
9 – Norway
10 – Denmark

And finally looking at the clubs

1 – Blood and Iron Martial Arts
2 – Espoon Historiallisen Miekkailun Seura
3 – Gothenburg Historical Fencing School
4 – White Company
5 – Stockholms Stigmän
6 – Tramazzone
7 – Historisch Vrijvechten Nederland
8 – Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo
9 – Kron Martial Arts
10 – Kungshamns Historiska Fäktskola

This is for fun and couldn’t have been done without the great work done by the team at HEMA Ratings. Make sure your tournament supports what they are doing. The more data they have the better cartier bracelet
the results will be.

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Author: Chris Bear

Chris got into HEMA in 2015 when he joined School of the Sword Reading. The main focuses of his training are sidesword and rapier, but he also enjoys fighting with sabres. One day he will take the plunge and start training in longsword.

Chris is the owner and editor of AfterBlow which makes it all his fault.

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