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It’s finally happened, the idea I had about a year ago has actually become reality. I first started practising HEMA in 2015 with School of the Sword in Reading and was drawn to the competition scene straight away. What struck me though was the lack of a news portal to allow someone like me to follow what is happening. I’d been shown a great example of how a group of people with an idea can build into a valid news portal in the shape of Double Coverage. So with my usual arrogance I thought “if they can do it with American Football I can do it with HEMA”. Then with my usual self-doubt I thought “you don’t know enough, you don’t know what you’re doing and it will crash and burn”. This argument bounced around my head for about a year unlit I finally decided to just give it a go and see what happens.

I was fortunate enough to have offers of help from some awesome people who are way more experienced than me and have given advice, guidance and have written some brilliant articles.

This is only the beginning though, there are plans in place for the future. There are already more articles scheduled for this week and work is underway to keep delivering high quality content throughout the year. Things to look forward to from AfterBlow:

  • Live updates from selected tournaments
  • Live broadcasts from selected tournaments
  • The 20-lunge challenge
  • AfterBlow merchandise, for looking cool at tournaments
  • Interviews with top fighters
  • Interviews with competition organisers
  • Articles on the different leagues around the world
  • Discussion on rules, equipment requirements and judging.

Hopefully there will be something there for you, if not get in touch and tell us what’s missing.

The last thing I want to do is thank everyone who has written something, offered advice, answered questions or just put up with me talking about this. You are all awesome.

Chris Bear

Author: Chris Bear

Chris got into HEMA in 2015 when he joined School of the Sword Reading. The main focuses of his training are sidesword and rapier, but he also enjoys fighting with sabres. One day he will take the plunge and start training in longsword.

Chris is the owner and editor of AfterBlow which makes it all his fault.


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