Dragos Interview, Part Two

Welcome back Dragos, now it’s time to talk about your big event, let’s start with some of the basics.

When is it, how long is it? And where is it? (include some history of the place so we have some context, remember this is as much for people who don’t really cartier bracelet
know about Romania as it is for locals)

 First things first: the event’s name is Fior di Szatmár, and for those unfamiliar with Fiore, it is a reference to the fencing treaty Fior di Battaglia, and it means “The flower of Szatmár”.
It will take place in Romania, Satu Mare (Szatmár being the city’s old name) between 5 and 7 may.

What are the facilities like? (Is it indoors, outdoors, is there camping, are there rooms available?)

 The Majority of the event will take place indoors in a large hall that will have all the needed facilities (a changing room, bathrooms, a place where to chill and grab a snack between  classes, etc.). The competition will take place outdoors, but I’ll touch hermes h bracelet
a bit later on that.
Also all participants will recive considerable discounts at a local celebrities wearing love cartier bracelet
3 star hotel.

Whilst we’re most interested in the tournament I know you have other things planned as well, so what classes and sessions can people look forward too?

We will have a large variety of seminars and more features will be added, and revealed, as we get closer to the event.
Axel Pettersson, Andrei Chirlesan and Ionut Zainea will be teaching longsword, Tobbias Zimmerman will be holding a class on the smallsword, Razvan Marinescu will be orgaising a workshop on the sidesword and I will give an insight into Fiore’s rondel dagger.
Of course we several vendors will be present, selling gear; HEMA-related merch and even professional paintings of fencing masters and scenes from tretises. For those in need, there will also be gear, available for renting.

And now the tournaments themselves, how many? And with which weapons.

 Sadly, this is where we partially fall short. For this edition we will only be holding one steel longsword tournament in which 16 people will compete. It will take place in a public area (that will of course will be made adequate for our activities, professional medical personnel will be present and police will assure that there won’t be any interference) and the amount of locals that will see the competition is estimated at between 8000 and over 12000 for that time frame. To promote HEMA further mainstream Romanian television channels the potential audience being of millions.
To compensate for the fact that not many will be able to compete the rest of the day will be dedicated to free sparring.

What about the rules? Are they available anywhere to read yet? And are there any interesting rules we should cartier love bracelet replica be aware of?

 The rules are available on the event’s page. They are ordinary for the most part, the only different thing is that we allow variation in the sword’s size.

What can we expect from the judging? Have you got a team in training at the moment?

We do have a team in training but we’re also looking for seasoned judges that would, of course, be paid for their services.

Whilst it’s not why people tend to enter, but have you got any prizes for the winners?

Of course, along with medals and diplomas we will also give out coupons, gear pieces and even a brand new federschwert.

That all sounds awesome and we hope it all goes really well. Last questions, what are the five top reasons that someone should buy a ticket for your event?

We are trying to make this event to the liking of the people and, in no specific order, five reasons would be: supporting the Romanian HEMA scene; how inexpensive it will all be (about 20EUR for the entire event); the top-notch classes; the day dedicated to free sparring and, the most requested feature: an afterparty after the training.


Thank you again, I’m sure we will talk soon.


You can visit the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1613906451958456/

And the organising club page here: https://www.facebook.com/GebeleizisSports/

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Author: Chris Bear

Chris got into HEMA in 2015 when he joined School of the Sword Reading. The main focuses of his training are sidesword and rapier, but he also enjoys fighting with sabres. One day he will take the plunge and start training in longsword.

Chris is the owner and editor of AfterBlow which makes it all his fault.

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