Helsinki Open: Rapier and Dagger Final.

Initially there was not going to be any rapier and dagger at the Helsinki Open this year but a short time after booking opened this changed and it’s giving us a great final.

Piermarco Terminiello  (Pim) and Alexander Makarov  (Sasha) are two of the world’s top fencers, both performing at a high level and both bringing something different to the bout.

Sasha is very much the in-form fighter, collecting 7 medals in 2016. This was a breakout year for Sasha who has been in the mix as a top fighter for a while now but this was a big step forward in results. One of the changes he made in his training was joining up with School of the Sword (SotS).

SotS have been known for training champion rapier and rapier and dagger fencers for years now. With the most notable example being one of their lead instructors and Sasha’s opponent.

Pim did not compete as much in 2016, netting only 4 medal, including a bronze at Swordfish in rapier and dagger. This would be a brilliant year for most people but is a step back for Pim who took Gold at Swordfish in 2014 and 2015.

Coming into the bout Sasha has youth and reach on his side, and if it was just single rapier I think we would predict this going to him. But Pim has dominated the rapier and dagger competition in Europe for so long, and has so much big fight experience that it’s really hard to bet against him.

This will be an epic battle with high levels of skill between two fencers at the top of their game.

We spoke to Fran Terminiello, lead instructor of SotS (and Pim’s wife) for her view.

Flip a coin. I honestly couldn’t tell you. I got what I wanted – Pim and Sasha on the podium. Whatever happens sots and Wsg win 🙂 It’s funny they gone all the way to Helsinki to do what they do every Saturday and Sunday.
This opinion is echoed by other SotS members, the match is far too close to call with everyone happy with either result.
We don’t get that option at AB and have to make a prediction, it will be very close but we think Pim wins by only a single point.
(Also thank you to Fran for the last minute proof reading)

Author: Chris Bear

Chris got into HEMA in 2015 when he joined School of the Sword Reading. The main focuses of his training are sidesword and rapier, but he also enjoys fighting with sabres. One day he will take the plunge and start training in longsword.

Chris is the owner and editor of AfterBlow which makes it all his fault.

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