Team AfterBlow Most Wanted

AfterBlow is looking to expand Team AB to allow us to effectively cover HEMA world wide. We are looking for content creators, writers, reporters, photographer and graphic artists.

Team AB is a team of volunteers who all want to create a high quality news portal to cover the HEMA competitive scene, if you would like to work to raise the profile of the scene in your area of the world then you would be a brilliant addition to the team.

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Writers and Reporters

If you can write articles covering events, teams, fighters and tournaments then come on board as a writer, but if that feel like too much pressure then you can join as a reporter. #just collect the information and send it in and we will write the articles. What matters more is that we hear from your area of the world. Areas we would love to be able to cover in greater detail are:

  • Scandinavia
  • Central Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Russia
  • Ireland
  • America
  • Canada
  • South America

It’s more than just the different countries and regions that need cover, could you be our expert on a fighting system or weapon type? What about judging? Tournament prep? Weapon safety? Grappling or pugilism? If there is something about competitive HEMA that you would like to talk about then Team AB is the place for you.

Content creators, photographers and graphic artists

This is a much bigger ask, especially if you usually get paid for your work. I know there is no benefit to you in giving your work away for free, but AB makes no money so it’s worth a try.


Have you covered a HEMA tournament? We would love to be able to showcase your talents and work. Maybe you just took a few photos at an event you attended. Maybe you went there just to take photos. Either way your photos will help bring the look and feel of the events to our readers. All photos will be credited to you, and watermarked if you wish.

Oakmist Photgraphy

Graphic Artists

Did you flinch when you saw our logos? Does it make you a little sad inside every time you look at our badly created images? We know they aren’t great and if you feel the need to purge the internet of our poor attempts then we would welcome the help.

Content Creators

We would love to feature a comic strip, or similar about the HEMA competitive scene. If you have any ideas about this then get in touch.

Author: Chris Bear

Chris got into HEMA in 2015 when he joined School of the Sword Reading. The main focuses of his training are sidesword and rapier, but he also enjoys fighting with sabres. One day he will take the plunge and start training in longsword.

Chris is the owner and editor of AfterBlow which makes it all his fault.

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